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Table Of The Top Video Sharing Applications For The iPhone

One of the things I love about my iPhone is the ability to quickly take decent quality video and share it.  The iPhone does a good job at this out of the box, but there are many video sharing apps out there that provide more flexibility, ease of use, and leveraging social media sites to share your creations.   To help you select the best one, I’m writing an article for either or Technorati with a segmented list of the top new video apps.

As part of my research in writing this article, I created a good one page table in PDF format comparing the apps and their key features.  These applications include KinKast, VideoMail, Qik, Thwapr, SocialCam, Posterous, Vlix, Tumblr, and many others.  The article should be live soon, but I thought I’d go ahead and post the one pager PDF to my blog for those that have asked for it.

Please let me know if there are any additions or corrections to the table and I’ll update it.

Feel free to download the PDF by clicking this link or the image below:.





Tools To Help You Painlessly Upgrade Your Untethered Jailbreak To 4.3.2 With Redsnow

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My Favorite Jailbroken iPhone Apps

If you want to know why I love a jailbroken iPhone vs. a standard iphone, here are the apps that I have running that only work after you’ve jailbroken the phone.    Many of these apps cost a few bucks (iRealSMS was like $12 and MyWi was $20), but they make the phone more powerful, more personal, and more user friendly.


  1. 3G Unrestrictor – eliminates the restriction on some apps that only work on WiFi.   This is primarily FaceTime, iTunes, and Slingplayer
  2. AttachmentSaver – Allows you to save attachments from email on your iPhone into a directory that can be viewed or sent in a separate message (as opposed to creating folders with dra messages that have to be forwarded on). Continue reading