Employee Usage Of Social Media – A Toy or a Tool?

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  1. It’s important to note that an individual having multiple accounts is still considered a violation of Facebook’s terms of service (https://www.facebook.com/terms.php), so I would advise employers not to recommend or even encourage that practice.

    If employers want to encourage employees to be brand ambassadors, training them to do so properly is imperative. Sprint seems to have created a good approach for their successful “ninja” program, which is described in this piece: http://smartblogs.com/leadership/2011/04/21/how-sprint-is-building-trust-and-advocacy-from-within/.

    Courtney Hunt – Founder, Social Media in Organizations (SMinOrgs) Community


    • Courtney,
      Agreed. I personally do have two personal accounts now — not exactly following guidelines. Our solution that we offer at One to One creates separate place or product pages for te employees that is completely acceptable.


  2. Eric,
    Our franchise, Computer Explorers, encourages the indivdual franchisees to have their own business pages (not personal page)for all the reasons you list above. Deb Evans our President and CEO has really been a ground breaker in this respect because companies are “afraid” to let their people do the talking for them. Training is critical and understanding the value of social media in today’s business world is so important. This is an extremely effective way to “touch” our customer.


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