My Favorite Jailbroken iPhone Apps

If you want to know why I love a jailbroken iPhone vs. a standard iphone, here are the apps that I have running that only work after you’ve jailbroken the phone.    Many of these apps cost a few bucks (iRealSMS was like $12 and MyWi was $20), but they make the phone more powerful, more personal, and more user friendly.


  1. 3G Unrestrictor – eliminates the restriction on some apps that only work on WiFi.   This is primarily FaceTime, iTunes, and Slingplayer
  2. AttachmentSaver – Allows you to save attachments from email on your iPhone into a directory that can be viewed or sent in a separate message (as opposed to creating folders with dra messages that have to be forwarded on).
  3. Display Recorder- An incredible application that will record what you do on your iPhone into an .avi file for demos.   It will also broadcast your iPhone screen to a PC/Mac on the same network for demos as well as for screen shot recording.
  4. Five Icon Switcher – Allows you to store more than 4 icons in the multitasking section.   This along with Iconoclasm allows you to do all kinds of things to make better use of the screen.   I have settled on 5X5 for the screen and dock and 5 icons for multi-tasking
  5. frash – allows you to view Flash on your iPHone
  6. SBSettings – an incredible free drop down which provides instant access to toggle things like wifi, 3g, bluetooth, rebooting, and many other features and functionality.
  7. GV Mobile + – Truly takes advantage of your google voice account.
  8. Lockscreen – I originally bought something called “Intelliscreen” which allows you view your calendar events, e-mail, todos, news, etc. from your Lock screen.   I found out about this program “LockScreen” which does it much better and cleaner.    Lockscreen also has interesting plug-ins for 2Do and other programs.   It also provides a “SBS setting like” view that can pop out and provide all this data any time within any app.
  9. Activator – allows you to define all kinds of other hot keys on the iphone to run apps.   E.g. double tap the date on my phone and the camera apps starts.   Shake the phone and the dialer pops up.   Push the two volume keys at the same time and it runs a speech recognition dialer (Melodis) that I like.   Very configurable.
  10. Iconoclasm – as mentioned above, allows for serious configuration of your springboard.
  11. iFile – a very powerful file explorer for the iPhone.
  12. Infinidock – allows you actually store more than 4-5 icons in your dock.   The apps scroll right and left.
  13. Infinifolders – Eliminates the restriction on the number of items that can be stored in an OS 4.0 folder
  14. IntelliDial – A quick picture dial solution that can bring up images of your key contacts from anywhere (including the lock screen) and dial those people.
  15. iRealSMS 3.0 – a kick ASS SMS replacement program.  I had a program called Tlert that I had purchased and I like this more.   It allows for SMS messages to pop up wherever you are and reply to those messages without exiting the app your in.  iRealSMS also adds into SMS favorites, folders, and even a pretty cool thing that will ask and then read your SMS messages to you (text to speech)
  16. iSmart Dialer – a T9 type dialer add-on for the dialer screen.   Allows you to easily find people by spelling out their name on the keypad
  17. Locktopus – an interesting app which allows you to lock applications – requiring a password to run them
  18. PlaceTrack (replaced a program called Longitude):   Speaks with Google’s Longitude program to provide real time location updates on your phone.   Can feed into google Earth and actually show where you are.  Can also be used as a worst case in case you lose your phone or if it was stolen.
  19. MultiIconMover – a quick app that lets you move multiple icons at the same time
  20. YourTube 2 (replace MXTube)  – Allows you to take videos from YouTube and store them on your iPhone.   YourTube actually will take the videos and put them into your iTunes Video file.
  21. MyWi 4.0 – Amazing app which allows you to use your iPhone for a wireless hotspot.   Verizon / Sprint already have this for free – AT&T charges like $20/month for it.
  22. Remove Background – A quick app which I like that deletes all active background tasks with OS4.0.   Can’t believe that apple doesn’t have this already in there.
  23. SnapTap – An app which let’s you use your volume key to “snap” a picture instead of trying to find the button on the screen which is annoying if you’re trying to take a picture of yourself or with someone else
  24. vWallpaper for iOS4 – Video Ringtones and Video Wallpaper capability
  25. WiFiFoFum – an awesome group project which uses GPS to find wifi hot spots.
  26. Xpandr – There is an ugly program in the app store called TextExpander.   This blows it away.   Allows you to define short acronyms that will be replaced wherever you are on your iphone.   e.g. !eg becomes “Eric Goldstein”.   !addr is replaced with my complete multi-line address, !@e is replaced with my e-mail address.
  27. Winterboard – Allows you to customize the look and feel of the iPhone — icons, images, fonts..   You can download all sorts of themes – I really like the GreyHD theme

Bottom line, the iPhone is a great phone regardless.    But, jailbreaking it opens it up ….

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