Starting up the 2nd half of p90x

So, variety of little changes with P90x for me.

– For the most part, getting STRONGER and doing better through the routines
– I haven’t been losing a LOT of weight, but I did weigh myself today and have actually lost about 5-6 pounds.   I should be below 190 next week.
– I bought some Bowflex 550 dumbbells via Craigslist that are actually great.   SO much easier than normal dumbbells to change weights and take up less space.   I also got the “perfect push-up” thing which allows me to focus my push-ups a little more.
– Did Plyo tonight and was on fire — even in the hardest parts, I was pushing to get airbourne.
– Heard from a friend of mine who is on round 2 of his P90X and said he did Plyo without breaks for the first time yesterday.   I’m not there yet, but definitely was my strongest day.
– My HR today at one point was over 170 – VERY high for me as I try and keep it below 155/160, but felt strong
– For some reason, I was tired, tired, tired yesterday…    As much I felt like just sleeping, I forced myself to find some energy and did a good tough Chest / Tris / Shouldeers exercise
– I’ve expanded some of the supplements I’ve been taking — still taking the protein shakes, but bought some new bars (on my friend’s suggestion) as well as some of the beachbody stuff — shakeology and their after workout drink.   Dunno, remains to be seen the impact of them, but they have a “30 day free trial” of their stuff, so I’m giving it a shot.

– On a semi-personal note, I decided to manscape up the chest a bit.    Little strange for the wife and me, but it’s definitely cleaner and looks better.    Funny thing is that I mentioned this to a few other people that were doing p90x and they admitted they did it too.   Who’d have known!

Again, to those that are thinking of doing p90x…  Do it.


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