1 Month Done: With an excellent measure of success

I did 30 minute full tilt on an elliptical today (it’s an off day for p90) and felt VERY strong through the whole thing – no breaks, no heavy breathing even with my HR in the zone    Definitely wasn’t there 30 days ago.   I haven’t done much elliptical work at all, but would definitely say I would feel tired and out of breath after 10-15 minutes a few months ago — even if I powered through 20-30 minutes.

Today – I worked up a sweat, but definitely felt the strongest I’ve felt doing that in years.

Got to take some 30 day pictures tomorrow – -not sure if there’s a huge physical difference – maybe a few pounds — but I definitely feel stronger and more aerobically in shape.

I’ve also had an ongoing issue with acid reflux – which has pretty much gone away with the exercise and the change in diet.


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