Day 13: Kenpo: PUSHING to stay motivated

Busy day at work, little frustrated on top of that with the job.   Needed some down time after work and then time with Kyle before he wen to bed.   Eat dinner, got to wait an hour before I work out, and next thing I know it’s 9:15.    Doh.   PUSH to turn off bad t.v., get the p90x Kenpo DVD rolling, and start up the sweat box.    Kenpo’s a great fun work out – feels great when you’re done.    Finishing a gatorade and a nice cold shower never felt so good.

Tomorrow is a “rest/stretch” day.    Heading into the city for work, so will probably be home later.   i’ll try and do the stretch work out along with an ABx if I can do it.   But I’m 2 weeks in!


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