Still GOING! Yoga!

Next to Plyo, I think the Yoga work out is one of the hardest.  Primarily because it’s just very new to me.    Even during my fitness evaluation, it was my flexibility (not my strength) that was terrible.    Lots of standing on one leg, balancing, stretching an arm out, etc.   Works your ass off.

It’s also a 90 minute deal.    Now, it’s really only the first 45-55 minutes that “sweat inducing pain” – the rest of stretching and poses.   But it’s still LONG and it kicks your ass.   It’s a good burn when you’re done though — not as tight as a chest work out or the arms/shoulders, but you know you put the time in!

Small break in the diet today as we went out for Father’s Day breakfast (had an eggs benedict) ,but still doing the shakes and the bars to help out the vitamins and rest of the diet.

Kyle sleeping onwards of 3 hours – got to go wake him up or he’ll never go to bed!


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