Starting up P90x – The Motivation

It’s time…

Got to get the machine back in shape, so I’m going to make a run at doing P90x.

I’m probably in the worst cardio shape I’ve ever been in.   I used to play raquetball and ski, but life has kind of settled around work, poker, spending time with the wife, and most lately my 16 month old boy.

I’m going to try and keep myself motivated through friends and even software and tools (which tend to appeal to my organized  side).   I’m also going to try and do the nutrition side of things — which is tough for anyone that knows me.   I’ve always joked that I’m a “carnivore” and I’ve kind eaten as I need to.   I have a high metabolism, but the advice I’ve got from the gym and what I’ve been reading is that I need to eat MORE frequently –  5-6 times a day.

Wish me luck.


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