Day 1-2

First two workouts in:

Chest & Bank / Plyo..   Body is a definitely not appreciating the wake-up call.   But I do feel better and motivated to keep rolling.   My brother, my wife’s cousin, and even people I hadn’t talked to in years are all fairly encouraging (and many are curious) about the program.   Some are amused that I’m doing the nutrition side.

I’m also doing 3 meals a day with 3 snacks (bar, shake, or something like cottage cheese).   I’ve NEVER tried anything like that in my life, so I’ll be interested to see the impact of that.

As someone who loves Red Bull, I’ve found that the protein shakes are just as effective as keeping my energy up – without the crash that can come with them.   First two days were also work days and I was energized the whole day — a good sign.

To support the geek in me, I also bought a $20 software package called Xtreme Fit Tracker which allows me to enter all my set / weight info and see history.   It’s the type of thing that keeps me motivated – so giving that a shot.

I’m also thinking about trying a heart rate monitor to keep myself in the zone.   My friends who are big into fitness say it makes a big difference.  We shall see.


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