How the “Find My iPhone” app and An Xpress Spa Hero Overcame My Stupidity and American Airlines’ Terrible Lost and Found Process.

This is a story of stupidity, awesome technology, weak customer service and terrible processes, a wild gamble, finding a wonderful right person at the right time, and a little bit of luck!

My flight from MIA to DFW was delayed 2 ½ hours and by the time we landed in Dallas at around 11 pm, I was exhausted and a little brain dead.   I grabbed my carry-on, made my way to my Uber and headed to the hotel.   As I was standing in line to check in, I realized I stupidly had left my $1000 iPad Pro in the magazine holder on my plane. Arghhh…

Muttering to myself, I made my way to my room and whipped out my phone that I know was connected into my iPad via Apple’s Find My iPhone app.   Sure enough, when I pulled up the app, I could see my iPad – and it looked like they had moved the plane from the gate to the hangar – with my iPad in tow..


I tried calling the airport but was told that American Airlines lost and found was closed until 9:30 the following morning.   I called AA’s Lost and Found department just in case they were still there and listened to a recorded message which basically told me that I should fill out a form at AA’s site and that someone would contact me if they found it.


Out of options, I went to bed and waited to see what would happen in the morning.

When I woke up, I fired up the app again and interestingly, my iPad had moved from the hangar to what seemed like “inside the terminal” – I assumed to the lost and found department.   I was fairly confident that someone would be calling or e-mailing me to let me know that they had it. I called the number again and left a voice mail message (the message claimed that they were monitoring the voice mail and returned phone calls throughout the day).


However, even though I could see iPad sitting in Dallas’ terminal, no one called me for hours.  It was impossible to get someone on the phone to help me out.   I called again and left another voice message and tried to focus on my business meeting.

A few hours passed and I pulled out the app again and took a look at the status of my iPad.   Somehow.   Unbelievably.  My iPad now showed that it was in Miami – possibly sitting inside the terminal.   Was it moved to Miami’s lost and found since that’s where I came from?   Was it stolen by an employee who brought it Miami?   It made no sense.


Zooming in on the map and comparing it to a map I found of the Miami airport, I thought it might be in American Airline’s Admiral’s Club or the nearby Starbucks.

I tried to call American Airlines to have them transfer me to the Admiral’s club – at worst have them try and find the iPad which I KNEW was nearby.   They claimed that they had NO way of calling the Admiral’s club.. Huh?

I called AA’s customer service and asked if they could transfer me to Miami’s lost and found.   Miami’s lost and found was even worse – a recorded message again referring me to the lost and found form – no method to even leave a voice mail message or speak to anyone.

I was running out of options.   The battery of the iPad was running and once it was dead, I wouldn’t able to track its location any more.   American Airlines was not helping – I couldn’t get a person on the phone – and their lost and found “process” was useless.

I decided to take a gamble.   Looking at the map and overlaying a search in Google, one of the closest stores to where my iPad sat was a store called Xpress Spa. In addition, as I looked another map of the MIA terminal, It seemed that there was a good chance that my iPad was actually in a plane in the gate – not actually inside the terminal.


I called Xpress Spa and spoke to someone named Anneline and tried to explain my story.   “Can you help me?   Is your store right in front of Gate D11?   If so, I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor.   I think my iPad is possibly sitting in the plane at that gate.   Could you walk over there and ask someone to go into that plane and see if my iPad is sitting in the magazine holder in seat C20.

She put the phone down and returned with an American Airlines rep who had a few questions about what I was trying to do. What flight did I go out on?   What did I need him to do?   I told him, “If that is the same plane that came from Dallas to Miami this afternoon, I am 100% sure that my IPad is sitting in there”.   Off he went and I sat there staring at the app while talking to Anneline.

As I’m talking to her, I told her,“He found it!”.   She asked, “How do you know?”.   “Because,” I said, “I can see it moving!”.


Sure enough, the AA rep showed up at the Xpress Spa location and told me that he had found it exactly where I left it.

Anneline told me that she’d be happy to hold it for me (since I was coming back to Miami the next day). However, I was not getting back home to MIA until 12:30 a.m. and Xpress Spa was obviously closed. Amazingly, Anneline offered to Fed Ex my iPad back to my home later that day.   YES, whatever it takes. I’ll pay you whatever it takes to get my iPad back home.

And as you can see, my iPad left the Airport with Anneline, made it’s way to a FedEx store and was safely delivered to me when I was back home.

It’s even fun to see the path that the FedEx driver took with my iPad before it showed up at my house.

On a side note, about an hour before I decided to call Anneline, I decided to try to tweet to AA to see if they would respond.  Interestingly, they DID respond – and relatively quickly albeit initially with not terribly useful information.

However, by the time I had exchanged a few messages with AA’s twitter staff, Anneline had helped find my iPad already.

I do give AA’s social media team credit.   While not as fast as a phone call, they were moderately responsive – might have even been able to help direct an employee to the plane before my iPad’s battery died.  But, nothing beat the creative out of the box solution I worked with Anneline.

So, in the end, here are my lessons learned:

  • Duh, take a moment before you get off the plane and make sure you have everything.
  • Got to love Find My iPhone.   If I didn’t have that app running, I would have had NO idea where my iPad was and that plane was headed internationally.   The chances of my getting my iPad back with AA’s crack staff of unreachable employees was about 0 in 1000 unless there was a very nice person who was the next traveler in seat C20.
  • I do find it frustrating that a silly tweet seems to get better customer support than multiple phone calls and emails – but I guess that’s the world we live in.
  • Huge shout out and thanks to Xpress Spa and Anneline. She’s my hero here.   She went way out of the way to help rectify my stupid mistake.   If you’re ever in the MIA airport, I recommend swinging by for a quick massage!
  • As Anneline texted me later that day, I definitely am a lucky bastard…

fullsizerenderAnd my lost little iPad finally made it’s way home……..

Latest Sexual Harassment Case — Multiple Women & Men Accusers Surface (more expected)

In the face of the recent scandal by San Diego Mayor, Bob Filner, a new sexual harassment scandal has been surfacing in New Jersey. An short hairy scoundrel, known by Caesar by his accusers, can only be described as an animal with little self control. While cuter than Filner, this image was recently found of Caesar with an equally creepy smile.

Smiling Caesar

Caesar’s accusers include a wide assortment women and men, children and even animals. The details of the horrifying story are still be finalized as Gloria Alfred, Al Sharpton, and Edwin Sayres (CEO of the ASPCA) have all stepped forward to file their respective lawsuits.

The accusers include:

– Susannifer Jaffe, a 96 year old, 350 pound great grand mother. On multiple occasions, Caesar licked her face, sniffed her crotch, and “barked aimlessly” when his advances were ignored.

77 year old sue

– Kyle Goldstein, an innocent 4 year old boy, who was knocked over multiple times as Caesar leaped and slobbered on him — even as Kyle screamed “NO”.

– A man, who has only released his first name, Eric, claims that Caesar pawed at him and woke him up at all hours of the night.

– Neighbors of Caesar have reported equally erratic behavior. Butt sniffing, eating other people’s food, and invasion of “personal space” – often standing 3 inches away from his victim as he begged for attention.

While Caesar may acknowledge that he has some behavior problems, the most sickening thing is that he is expecting the tax payers to pay for his behavioral training. After 2 weeks of training, he expects to fully healed and trained — ideally to prepare for his 2016 run for the GOP nomination.

President Caesar2009-04-01 at 19-49-45

Five Reasons Why Inbound Marketing Is Going To Become Big In 2013

(Special Guest Post From Tiffany Torbert from Agency Platform)

The world of online marketing has undergone some major changes in the past year. We’ve been watching as social media underdog Pinterest quickly gained ground. We’ve seen an aggressive political ad war, and watched several IPOs and acquisitions occur. So what’s on the horizon for 2013?

A recent study performed by the Fornaise Marketing group uncovered a disturbing statistic. The study found that 73% of executives are working under the assumption that marketing isn’t driving demand and revenue. This will have to change. As a result, marketing will be playing a more critical role in revenue generation in 2013.

It stands to reason that CMOs and senior executives will be allocating more resources into creating a strong inbound marketing engine in order to generate more interest, traffic, leads, and conversions. This has to happen. Here’s why:

Google Updates are Turning SEO Upside Down

In the past, search engine optimization has been about knowing the tricks of the trade. SEO is rapidly changing. Having the right H1 tag or the right keywords won’t cut it. Overall, SEO has moved further away from on-page SEO. The focus has turned to various components of off-page SEO

Search Has Become More Social
There is a huge positive trend towards the amalgamation of search and social. SEO is evolving into a process that involves creating high quality, original content that can be socially consumed and shared. This is a great development. People will have more access to relevant content and this should make the conversion process much more reliable.

Inbound Marketing Trumps SEO & Other Marketing Strategies
Let’s face it; inbound marketing has more adoption than SEO and other online marketing. Previously, SEO and marketing automation dominated the scene. Unfortunately, this “set it and forget mentality” won’t cut it now. In theory, marketing automation should have been a marketing dream. In reality, this often resulted in content spam and a nurturing process that overwhelmed users with constant marketing messages.

Inbound Marketing Tools and Validation are Widely Available
It’s become much easier to see results from marketing efforts now. We can measure almost every part of the process. There are no more hit and miss strategies. Accountability is a huge reality in revenue generation. As more widgets, gadgets, and devices enter the market, marketers will have to determine how to best use each platform. Applying old models to these new technologies just isn’t possible.

Practitioners are Seeing Results
You can’t argue with facts and figures. Now that we can see results of inbound marketing efforts more accurately, there’s little excuse and no room for fudging. We can now trace the results of every campaign.

This is wonderful and somewhat scary.
There’s no room for argument. Inbound marketing is going to be huge in 2013. There’s no way around it. Marketers will have to adapt or die in the face of this new development.

Inbound marketing is a great way to achieve more conversions and more revenue. We can be sure that we’ll be seeing more developments around this phenomenon as the year progresses.

(This article provided by Agency Platform.  Agency Platform provides white Label Inbound Marketing Software that suits for inbound marketing agency that helps to stay on track, share and collaborate, work faster and close more deals. )

The New Way To Leverage LinkedIn To Personalize Your Digital Campaigns

Delivering relevant content to the right audience is the best way that today’s marketers can maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns in today’s increasingly noisy digital space. This is particularly challenging when targeting new prospects where you may not have useful data for segmentation and personalization. You may fall back to a “shotgun” approach of sending the same message to a wide audience. Even if you can capture your prospect’s interest in your e-mail or banner ad, you will most likely drive them to a “one size fits all” landing page or web site – forcing your prospect to find the data that is most applicable to them.

As a marketer, what excites me about social media networks like LinkedIn and Facebook is finding ways to leverage the relationships and data that people add into the network on a daily basis. If I can personalize a campaign based upon a prospect’s connections, their likes, their school, etc. as well as their title and company, I am much more likely to have my message resonate.

Both Facebook and LinkedIn offer targeted banner ads where you can create unique banner ads targeting specific people based upon their profile data. Through Facebook Connect, companies are able to leverage that data to personalize an experience based upon their Facebook profile data. However, particularly in the B2B space, more and more companies would like to leverage the up to date data within LinkedIn to customize their campaigns. Until recently, this has been difficult to do.

Enter LinkedIn’s updated API which has been combined with an award winning development effort to not only allow you to target specific people, but pass on that profile data to a personalized landing page. This opens the door to things such as:

  • Personalizing case studies and value propositions based upon company, title, and industry.
  • Displaying connections between your prospects and your company and/or existing customers.
  • Recommending products and solutions based upon company size.
  • Mixing in prospect specific data gathered from outside studies or reports.

Companies like Microsoft, AARP, and Vestas have already begun to embrace this approach. For example, Vestas, one of the world’s leaders in Wind Turbine Technology, used this technology to target C Level executives at Fortune 1000 companies. Dynamic banner ads (as well as targeted LinkedIn Inmail messages) were pushed to specific people at the targeted companies. Anyone who clicked on the link was brought to a microsite which is personalized specifically for them based upon their LinkedIn profile data and data from a Bloomberg study.



Do you want to see how powerful this can be? Click on this link for a personalized live example specific to your LinkedIn profile.

Facebook’s Subscribe: The Death of Fan Pages, or is it?

Facebook’s introduction of the “subscription” feature for profile pages has blurred certain lines between profile and fan pages for many individuals seeking to leverage social media to build their own personal brand and on-line presence.  This is particularly true for many sales people, agents, etc. who are looking to use Facebook as a way to communicate with customers and prospects.

Facebook fan pages were originally created for brands like Coke or Walmart and expanded out to be used by celebrities, organizations, places, and many others.  Many individuals who wanted to interact with fans, prospects, and customers also began to create fan pages since it was an effective way of separating their personal Facebook activity from their business or public Facebook presence.  In addition, fan pages provided lower barrier to entry in that it did not require the page to “approve” each follower / fan / friend.

Facebook recently introduced their subscription feature as a lightweight way for an individual to share his updates with a larger audience.  Similar to fan pages, a follower does not need approval from the page to access updates and the news feed.  To many, this seems like an easy way to create a fan page like public news feed without the trouble of creating a fan page.

So, is the subscribe function right for you?

Let’s start by comparing the three options:


Unless you have 5000+ private friends, a standard Facebook profile page will most likely meet the needs for your personal Facebook activities.  You can even start to segment your friends and updates (e.g. friends, family, work, etc.).  While you should almost always assume that anything you post on Facebook could be made public, it’s the best way to keep your political rants, shopping and listening habits, and pictures of your kid from being easily accessible.


Enable Subscribe

Some issues and thoughts with the subscribe functionality.

  • Most individuals prefer to control who can view their personal updates and information.  If you are using the “public” news feed on top of your personal profile to communicate with friends, you need to be continually thinking whether the post is for public or “friend” consumption.

Facebook Status Update


  • For those that are using it to build their personal brand, you’re missing out on all the benefits that come from a Facebook fan page – most notably reporting, targeting, and the ability to promote and advertise your page.  If you DO decide at a later time to create a Fan page, you’ve now got to go through the process of trying to get your subscribers to like your new fan page.
  • Some die-hards have taken the approach of managing both a subscription page AND a fan page.  See Mari Smith’s Fan Page and Profile Page for an example.



Mari's Fan Page


Mari's Profile Page











  • The biggest challenge this creates is the need to create yet another stream of content for your fans.  Do you post the same content to both?  You may already be managing your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Blog, etc. feeds.  Ask yourself what the incremental value will be for yet another feed.

Finally, there is a growing group of individuals – sales people, agents, employees, customer service representatives – who are looking to Facebook as a way to communicate with prospects and customers.  These people are particularly concerned with separating their work and home social streams and some may look to the subscribe functionality to meet that need.  There is an argument to be made however, that the dangers to be caused by possibly overlapping personal and work newsfeeds is even greater and could end up damaging either the employee or the company they represent.  Fan pages for each employee in conjunction with a well designed social media management platform (SMMP) such as One To One Global’s MessageMaker solution can provide a variety of benefits both for the employee as well as the brand or organization.

As you’re looking to leverage the power of social media, like anything else you’ll find that the tools and features available all have their respective pros and cons.  Before you blindly enable a new feature within your Facebook settings, be sure you understand the privacy impacts as well as your goals and challenges with that public news feed.



Social Media: Winning the Popularity Contest (by guest blogger Frank Anderson)

Like high school, the world of social media can be cruel and quite intimidating for some people. Here are some insightful tips to help find yourself on the top of the social media scale.

Join the issues that will bond your relationship with the popular forums.

Ask yourself, “What do I want out of Social Media?”, “What activities will I benefit the most from?” If you’re a a small business, perhaps this means creating a blog allowing you to communicate with your customers/clients directly. If you are looking to network online with people who share similar interests, a niche social network like Linkedln can be the right place to start. Above anything, it is important to realize that the process of integration may not, and most likely will not, be easy. Popularity is not something you can do in your spare time or when you feel like it, not in the fiercely competitive environment that social media has proved itself to be. The conversation has already started and is well underway. It is your choice to get involved, or not. Just like the first day of school, take a deep breath and go for it.

To ensure you make the team, do your research.

Research what exactly? Your competition. A rich history of experience has guided us to discover how to formulate variables to predict the winners of elections or the outcome of opinion polls. Social media integration is no different. Researching past behavior and platforms that have proven successful can help guide you towards the next flavor of online success. To begin, get a grasp of the landscape to identify where you need to be looking. Think about the different outlets –  Facebook, Twitter, blogs, the list is endless… that are most pertinent to your specific space. While the purpose of research is to inform action, it is important to only act in a capacity that inevitably proves worthy to your ultimate goal.  Don’t hypothesize on what the leaders in the space would do, experience what they are doing at this moment. Just as you relate to your peers, you must relate to your competition. Get to know them. If there is any secret of success, it’s found in the ability to see things from another’s point of view. Exhibiting a healthy interest in the action of others is an essential ingredient in forming a powerful marketing effort. The average crowd proves more interested in his/her own name than in all others’ combined. But who ever strives for average?

Dress for success.

In the world of social integration, your first impression may very well be your last. Social media is no exception. Today’s norm of split-second clicks leaves no room for the face of your company to be anything short of utterly fantastic. When you run a business online, your website should, in the very least, be well-executed, eye-catching, and easy to navigate. You don’t want to be caught looking like an amateur. What makes a website dynamic? Don’t know where to start? Ask. Rarely do we consider the opportunity we miss as a result of hiding our shortcomings. Sometimes one needs the creativity and skill of a professionally-trained designer to market and promote successfully. Regardless of what your means of original conception might be, a sexy, easy-to-navigate page layout complimented by text markup will win every time against the careless, cringe-worthy sites we’ve all seen before. Instead, spend the extra effort and if need be, dig a little further into your pockets, to create a website that promotes something new and fresh. You will already be starting with the advantage.

Be confident.

Similarly to the shy crowd in the corner, the more introverted of online presences are often overlooked. It can be difficult to network with confidence when you are new to the social media game. If all you do is dream about the success you might one day exhibit, you will sadly most likely miss the opportunities needed to make them. You can continue to come up with endless excuses as to why this moment isn’t right, or the time is too soon to be proactive. But where will that philosophy leave you? Instead, make networking a priority, and confidence an unwavering mindset. The success of your business endeavors directly depends on the network you form with the reputation you create for yourself. Socialize with everyone! Socialize everywhere! And while at first you might have to “fake it ‘til you make it”, this mantra will one day hopefully lead to nothing short of the real deal.

Don’t lie. False guarantees will find you checked off.

While holding a greater vision for your business is valuable, it is more imperative to know your limits and grow in a healthy manner.  In social media, companies canno longer be fake and get away with it. People talk, and with the expanse of communication through online forums, liars will not be successful for long. With the fear of being forgotten and ignored comes the temptation to skew or exaggerate one’s abilities. While herding followers using whatever means necessary might appear enticing in the moment, this risky tactic will no doubt lead to a devastating downfall. Worse still, you’ll have only yourself to blame. You don’t have to look very far to see how a liar will inevitably end up in the opinion of their peers. Just as in life, navigating the world of social media starts with respect.

Just as we all navigated high school at one time or another, we now find ourselves in the digital clique otherwise known as social media. If being popular is not going to lead you or your business to the utmost satisfaction then forget it and focus elsewhere – life is too short to be anything but happy. But I think we can all honestly admit being on top feels pretty dang good.


Frank Anderson is a social media and technology writer and blogger.  He works with emailexchangehosting at the company

The Best Mobile Applications For Sharing Video

One of the things I love about my iPhone is the ability to quickly take decent quality video and share it.  The iPhone does a good job at this out of the box, but there are many video sharing apps out there that provide more flexibility, ease of use, and leverage social media sites to share your creations.   To help you select the best one, I’ve created a segmented list of apps based upon how they can be best used.

As part of my research in writing this article, I created a good one page table comparing the apps and their key features.  If you’re interested in downloading this PDF, please CLICK HERE.

1. GOAL:  Privately share with a single person or a few people.

If you take quick private videos that you want to share with only a few people (e.g. a video e-mail) or perhaps videos that haven’t been edited enough to share to a public crowd, the easiest thing to do is to use the iPhone’s e-mail client (here’s a quick Lifehacker article on how to send video if you’re new to this).  You’re limited to less than a minute, but it works across almost all clients and recipients.

Unstreamed Options

If you want to send the physical video file to someone (as opposed to the streaming options I’ll show below), I’ve found a few good notable apps to make things simpler and more powerful.

VideoMail (RECOMMENDED) :   A great inexpensive app to fire up, create an video (or an audio or picture) message and easily send to people.  It has quality and length default settings and keeps track of the people you send messages to.

MediaSend:  If you’ve got multiple pictures or videos that you want to send to someone in one e-mail, MediaSend is useful.


Streaming Options

When you send an e-mail with a physical copy of the video attached, you’re always limited to both your e-mail provider, spam filters, and your recipient’s e-mail filter.  That’s why using services that store your video file on-line and stream it to your recipients is so beneficial.   It’s also easier to further share or post messages if you want to at a later time.

KinKast (RECOMMENDED) :   One of the best free video sharing apps out there.   The UI is intuitive  and very well thought out.  It’s one of the few that let’s you easily record and share a video (with no file size or number of message restrictions) to an individual (as well as the social media sites).   The free version only stores messages for 30 days and has ads, but it’s a must have.  For $5/month you can remove the 30 day restriction and the ads.

Qik:   I was one of the early users and lovers of Qik – had it running on my Palm Treo years ago.  Qik has gone through many changes since then – most recently being acquired by Skype.  The unique thing about Qik is its ability to share LIVE video as well as video chat (similar to Facetime).  The video sharing is not as strong as Kincast’s offering – either free or paid.  Qik’s free product is limited in that you can only store 25 videos of unlimited length.  For $5/month, their premium service allows you to store unlimited videos.  I believe that Kincast wins this battle unless you like live streaming.


Thwapr:  Thwapr is another option for privately sharing hosted videos.   The videos are limited to 5 minutes long, but the service is free and you can store unlimited videos.  While it can share via Twitter and Facebook, it’s unique capability is that it can share via SMS (text messages) – without using your personal SMS messages.  It doesn’t have an easy way to share via e-mail – one of the product’s big shortcomings.  I had spoken and provided feedback on the app earlier this year to the senior management at Thwapr – great group of guys –  but they seem to be currently more focused on their business offering.


2. GOAL:  Share videos directly to Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube

One of the easiest ways and most common ways that people share video is to post them to Facebook or YouTube.   The nice thing about both of these is that you can use privacy settings at either these sites to define who can actually view your message.   For example, see this article on how to do this with YouTube.  I’ll also group Twitter sharing into this section since it’s the next most established social media site and people often use it for video sharing.

To be clear, our objective is to quickly take a video and post it to one or more of these key social media sites.

Shozu (RECOMMENDED):   This inexpensive app ($.99) and web based service allows you to very easily post photos, videos, and text to all your favorite sites with one click.    Handles Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and MANY more.    A very easy to use and flexible app.

PixelPipe:  Very similar to Shozu, but their iPhone app that I have been using for a long time has mysteriously disappeared from the AppStore as of 8/2011.  Supposedly, they’re coming out with something new, but there isn’t any detailed information on what they’re doing.

TwitVid: (RECOMMENDED):   An excellent free app to easily post videos to both Twitter and Facebook.   I wish this app would give you the link to the video it created so you could send the video via e-mail or text – but you have to go to the web site to find that iink.

qTweeter (RECOMMENDED):  For those with Jailbroken iPhones, I’d recommended taking a look at qTweeter.  It’s a great application that you can quickly open, write an update/tweet or record and send a video to Facebook or Twitter.


3. GOAL:  Share videos to A Specific Group Of People (private or public)

Beyond Facebook, there are many applications and networks that have been specifically designed to allow you to host and share video with a group of people — often with better tracking, quality, and a video blog look and feel.

Posterous (RECOMMENDED):   Posterous and Tumblr (see next) are very similar.  Both allow you to create a public or a private stream/blog that includes video (as well as audio, pics, text, etc.).  Between the two, I like Posterous’ UI more and the fact that you’re not limited to video length.  In addition, Posterous seems to integrate better with Twitter and Facebook.

Tumblr:  Very popular self-blogging site with strong video sharing capabilities.   I do like that it allows a single password protected blog (instead of forcing people to sign-up to view a private stream).

SocialCam (RECOMMENDED):  Next to Kincast, I think SocialCam has one of the best user interfaces for video recording and sharing.  In addition to being able to host and share videos via the SocialCam site, it easily allows you to share the videos to Facebook, Twitter, Posterous, Tumblr, DropBox, e-mail, and SMS.  My only complaint is that it doesn’t address the need for private sharing very well – if someone is following you, they can see all your videos.  With a minor change to simply allow for videos not to automatically show up in your ‘stream’ this would be great.

Vlix:  A decent alternative application.    While it limits you to only 60 seconds per video, the sharing options are powerful (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) and it also includes some cool video editing and basic opening / closing titles for personalization.   Allows for public and private video feeds as well.

Tout:  Think of Tout as Twitter for video.   It’s similar to Vlix, except now the videos are limited to only 15 seconds.   What makes Tout interesting is that they have some celebrities using it including Jeff Probst, Mitt Romney, Dana White, and others.  The 15 second limitation is interesting, but even listening to Probst’s Tout’s, he was often getting cut off mid sentence.



While I’d love to have a single app to use for all things, it really does vary.  My top favorites from the list are VideoMail, Kincast, qTweeter, Posterous, and SocialCam.  If I had to pick one, I’d go with Kincast.   A discussion on video editing on the iPhone will have to be addressed another day!

Please download and play with them and tell me which ones are your favorites (or why you hate mine).  Please also let me know if I’ve missed great ones that you use.  Happy sharing!

Table Of The Top Video Sharing Applications For The iPhone

One of the things I love about my iPhone is the ability to quickly take decent quality video and share it.  The iPhone does a good job at this out of the box, but there are many video sharing apps out there that provide more flexibility, ease of use, and leveraging social media sites to share your creations.   To help you select the best one, I’m writing an article for either or Technorati with a segmented list of the top new video apps.

As part of my research in writing this article, I created a good one page table in PDF format comparing the apps and their key features.  These applications include KinKast, VideoMail, Qik, Thwapr, SocialCam, Posterous, Vlix, Tumblr, and many others.  The article should be live soon, but I thought I’d go ahead and post the one pager PDF to my blog for those that have asked for it.

Please let me know if there are any additions or corrections to the table and I’ll update it.

Feel free to download the PDF by clicking this link or the image below:.




How To Repair the Social Media Disconnect Between Brands and Consumers

Look at your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. news feed.   Does it increasingly feel like you’re sitting in multiple rooms with hundreds, if not thousands, of people yelling at you to read their update, click their link, or play their video?  The content that you want to read and engage with is usually mixed in spam and unrelated content – often from the same brand or person.

Brands have many challenges to overcome when it comes to social media.   They first must convince you to visit, like or follow them and then must deliver a steady stream of valuable content.    Socially irrelevant content will most likely result in either a brand’s content being ignored or unliked.   At worst, that investment in social media could result in damage to a brand or even a lost customer.

The simple answer to this challenge is segmentation and targeting – a concept which is far from new for marketers.   Continue reading

Press Release: One to One Global Launches MessageMaker Social, A Social Media Management System For Deploying Large-Scale Social Marketing

Boston, Mass.—July 27, 2011 – One to One Global, an interactive marketing and social technology firm, today announced the availability of MessageMaker Social™, a social media management system that allows companies to fully leverage the power of social media. MessageMaker Social enables brands to publish, manage and measure highly segmented, localized and targeted content to fans and followers across many social networks.

“As we all spend more and more time on social networks and mobile devices, it is essential for companies to connect with customers through the people, brands and local voices they already know and trust,” said Chris Heitmann, managing director of One to One’s Connect division. “To do so, they need the right infrastructure to manage a large-scale social presence–one that allows them to deliver highly relevant, personalized and localized content.”

Marketers today are facing an enormous problem implementing their social media strategies. Most have learned the value of segmenting their messages across e-mail, print and broadcast but have yet to learn how to localize and segment content across social media networks and as a result are not maximizing their investment in social.

The MessageMaker Social SaaS platform allows companies to:

  • ENGAGE WITH RELEVANT CONTENT – MessageMaker Social helps grow fans and followers while increasing engagement by letting marketers target content to specific social interaction points based on geographical, sales rep or product interest.
  • ENSURE BRAND INTEGRITY – MessageMaker Social ensures brand compliance and consistency across all your company’s Pages and accounts, while also allowing for dynamic and personalized elements.
  • UNDERSTAND ACTIVITY AND ENGAGEMENT – MessageMaker Social’s analytics and reporting capabilities facilitate greater insight into customer and employee activities and provides visibility across all social media channels helping to maximize content, campaigns and connections.

The most recent category to emerge in the social media business software industry is social media management systems (SMMS) and demand for SMMS solutions is exploding. This is due in part to many marketers realizing the need for broad and long-term social media strategies. In fact, nearly four in 10 interactive marketers have already developed a long-term plan, while another 36% plan to in the next 12 months.*

“To remain competitive, it is imperative for today’s enterprise marketers to engage in social at every stage of the customer lifecycle,” Chris added. “Successful social media marketing requires the right message, at the right time, in the right brand voice–to connect with thousands of social endpoints including employees.”

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About One to One
MessageMaker Social is a web-based social media management system (SMMS) from One to One Connect, a division of One to One Global. One to One Connect has over 10 years of experience working with companies such as UPS, SunTrust, and Gap Inc., strengthening brand relationships by delivering measurable content, messages and ROI across a broad spectrum of permission marketing channels including social, email, mobile and apps.

One to One Global is an independent interactive marketing and social technology firm with offices in Boston, London, Singapore and Sao Paulo. Founded in 1997, the firm creatively employs digital, mobile and social media along with advanced research services to create meaningful connections between consumers and brands. One to One’s vision is to be the leading Human Experience marketing firm. For more information please visit or follow us on Twitter @onetooneglobal53.

MessageMaker Social is a registered trademark of One to One Global, Inc.
*“Accelerating your Social Maturity” Forrester Research Inc., June 2011